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Poppy Playtime is the 4th crossover chapter of Monsters & Mortals.

Official summary[]

The Poppy Playtime Panic DLC is a limited time new level for Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals. In this content you can explore and try to survive in the Playtime Co. toy factory based on the original Poppy Playtime game. Characters in this DLC include Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy based on the original Poppy Playtime game.

Poppy Playtime Panic DLC includes:

- Poppy Playtime’s Playtime Co. toy factory map with Huggy Wuggy as “boss”

- Poppy Playtime’s Kissy Missy as a playable character


When you purchase and install this DLC you will receive:


  • Poppy Panic

Playable Character

  • 1 Monster: Kissy Missy (Ranged)


  • In the 26th Q&A, Vince revealed that the trap for the DLC is Cat-Bee.
  • This DLC uses references from the source material, Poppy Playtime.
    • The map for Poppy Panic is a reference to Chapter 1.
    • Kissy Missy is a character that was introduced in Chapter 2.
    • When counting scrapped content, The Player is a playable character in Poppy Playtime and Boxy Boo was introduced exclusively in a multiplayer game, Project Playtime.
  • This DLC introduces having two OSTs on the same map that can play depending on the player's situation:
    • The music, "Box on Boxes", plays when the player is in the factory area while the Boss Time or Trap Time event is not occurring.
    • The other music, "Vent Chase", plays when the player is in the ventilation area and while the Boss Time event is not occurring.
  • Vince mentions that the Player and Boxy Boo were initially planned to be added to this DLC but were scrapped.
    • Later in the QnA of February 2024, it was revealed that MOB Games decided to remove them from the DLC
  • This is the first DLC where a trailer was released after the content was already available, unlike other DLCs where their trailers were made before their launch. The second being House of Ashes.




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