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You know why they call me Lucky? Because I never lose. I hear you're pretty lucky, too! Let's see how lucky you are.

– Lucky

Lucky the Rabbit is a recurring enemy in Dark Deception and a playable monster in Monsters & Mortals.

He is the psychotic and sadistic leader of the Joy Joy Gang and one of the overseers of Joy Joy Land, a theme park-like realm in the Dark Dimension that houses one of Malak's ring pieces. Lucky, along with his groupmates Penny the Chicken and Hangry the Pig, kill anyone who intrudes upon their territory, but not before tormenting and toying with their victims.

Like Malak's other minions, Lucky possesses a soul. However, Elise Houser describes this soul as "not human" and that Lucky was "built for violence and chaos," implying he is a supernatural being or a creation of Malak.


Lucky is a yellow, anthropomorphic, animatronic rabbit with a lighter color to his muzzle, inner ears, and stomach. Like Penny, he has four fingers.

Lucky has large white eyes and buck teeth, with his mouth forming a light smile. He appears to be wearing dark brown gloves, dark grey boots, and a lavender bow tie. He has a dark gray rabbit tail that can be seen from the back when facing you while turning.

Once in his "nightmare" form, he has metallic, red eyes and mechanical, human-like teeth, with his regular buck teeth absent. Nothing else has changed except his ears, which are darker inside.


I could tell immediately that this one differed from the others. It was a killing machine. One built purely for violence and chaos. There was a soul of some sort inside the machine, but it was not human.

E describing Lucky's depravity.

FB IMG 1596264803842

Lucky initially masquerades as a benign cartoon mascot, charming Doug and countless other victims with the guise of a character designed to delight children. This illusion is swiftly shattered as Lucky reveals his true nature: one of extreme violence and moral corruption. Priding himself on his superiority, he relishes in challenging those he perceives as "luckier" than himself, claiming that he "never loses."

Bad Rabbit Album Cover

As the leader of the gang, Lucky adopts an unpleasant and domineering demeanor towards his cohorts, yet noticeably moderates his behavior in the presence of Malak. He is also extremely egotistical, blaming his peers whenever a situation goes awry. Lucky is also prone to shouting profanities and bitterly taunting his adversaries, as seen in both E's note about the Joy Joy Gang and his exclusive song "Bad Rabbit."

These traits further corroborate Elise's assessment of Lucky, that he is a deranged monster devoid of a soul.


Speed Boost[]

One of Lucky's primary and preferred abilities is his speed boost, allowing him to move incredibly fast like Doug and increasing his running and fighting capabilities. Compared to Doug's speed boost, his is somewhere high in the middle, allowing him to outrun Doug's speed boost if it isn't upgraded sufficiently.


Lucky can jump a considerable distance and height if needed, although he doesn't utilize it outside one of his kill animations. The trait does, however, carry over to Joy Kill.

Hive Mind[]

Due to all of his clones coming from the same source, Lucky's memories and personality carry over to his other clones. This is evidenced by the fact that while the original clone was used to make Joy Kill, a clone replaces him as if nothing happened. He even continues the dialogue by Joy Kill (specifically, Joy Kill tells Doug it isn't over yet, and his clone says that he told Doug it wasn't over when captured).

Dark Deception[]

Chapter 4: Mortal Ramifications[]

Lucky is one of the primary enemies of the game's seventh level, Mascot Mayhem.

Lucky Zone1

Lucky and Penny first appear behind a glass panel at the Zone 1 entry checkpoint. They introduce themselves cordially to Doug, dancing to their theme tune and welcoming him into the theme park. Lucky's sadistic nature shines through as he laughs sinisterly after his speech.

Lucky and Penny will search for Doug throughout Zone 1. Lucky is the most active of the two, consistently searching for Doug and announcing his location when he spots him. He is also the fastest of the members, showing enough speed to keep up with Doug without slowing down. His primary ability is a form of Speed Boost Doug uses, and he can temporarily use it every 25 seconds to catch up with him. This also allows him to outpace Doug's speed boost on lower levels, so it is best to either lose him very quickly before this happens or upgrade the ability to evade him easily.

Some of Lucky's clones will also be searching for Doug on balloons, granting him a wider field of vision to spot Doug. Once found, he will slowly glide to Doug's location and drop bombs near his perimeter. Unlike the clones on the ground, however, these clones cannot be stunned and can't lose him as quickly until Doug uses Vanish to hide.

Lucky also relies on wall cameras throughout the level to locate where Doug is. Doug must use the Vanish power to avoid getting detected by the wall cameras, Lucky, and the other animatronics.

Lucky's abilities and patterns are explored in-depth in this video.

Lucky Zone2 Begin

After meeting Hangry, Lucky greets the player when they open either door at the start of Zone 2. He mentions that Hangry goes insane whenever he senses human ribs. Lucky will then skat about the world being mad before dashing for the nearest door and disappearing. Lucky and his clones will pursue the player when Hangry or the cameras catch them, mad-dashing for the kill.

JJG Corruption

When Doug collects all shards in Zone 2 and approaches the breaker switch, the JJG will arrive to try and stop him. Lucky 'unluckily' steps on sensitive wiring broken down by a water spill hazard and blasted with water discharge when Doug turns on the breaker switch. He and the others stand in place, inactive, but are hinted at still being able to see Doug as all three of them creepily follow him with their eyes.

JJG Zone 2 Begin

Albeit somewhat unsurprisingly, the JJG survives the electrical hazard, and they return to pursue the player. Lucky remarks the player with the query of "Missed me, buddy?!".

Lucky Chase Zone3

Throughout Zone 3, Lucky and his friends will chase down Doug in an ambush, with only limited cameras but significantly smaller spaces to keep Doug in their trajectory, allowing Lucky to ambush Doug more easily with his speed boost. Once Doug collects the final shard, Malak is forced to chase them until they activate a reset button.

JJG Crushed

Doug eventually lures the Joy Joy Gang members into a crusher, reducing them to a heap of scrap. Malak, however, appears and activates a device mounted on the ceiling. Jocelyn then enacts "Project Joy Kill," reconstructing the heap into a menacing, colossal robot. Lucky snarks at his incredible luck and taunts Doug with his resurrection. Hangry annoys him with his excitement about being able to eat more ribs with the upgraded body. Despite Doug's efforts, he easily destroys the crusher, and Malak leaves them to improvise.

Lucky Catch

Through sheer luck, Doug finally escapes the torment of Joy Kill, but he doesn't give up easily. He stops them before they can escape, and a clone trio of JJG members proceeds to angrily gang-bash Doug. After Malak marks Doug, the Lucky clone orders a Hangry clone to toss Doug back into the portal anyway.

Reaper Nurse in Ballroom

In the post-level cutscene in Bierce's Ballroom, Lucky spawns from Malak's clone and stands guard at his portal.

Monsters & Mortals[]

Reaper Nurse Noncanon
"Are you not aware that she offers only lies?"
This article contains information on a subject that isn't considered canon in Dark Deception franchise.
Char select screen lucky

Lucky the Rabbit returns as a Balanced class monster in Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals.

Lucky performs equally in movement speed, damage, and attack cooldown and has average HP for a Monster. This makes him a great beginner's choice to learn the game "ropes." He will attack by punching for both of his attacks.

His ultimate ability, "Bunny Barrage," when used, will cause him to get a speed boost for 5 seconds that can outrun all players if they aren't using any items or ultimate abilities. If he runs into an enemy player, he will do a barrage of punches, each doing eight damage, adding up to 96 damage. After the barrage is over, the target (if they are still alive) will be stunned for 2 seconds (giving him time to land an attack) and be inflicted with Fear as well.

This is great for chasing after enemies and doing a lot of damage or even running away from fights.

Gameplay Info
Team Monsters
Class Balanced
Health 240
Speed Average (Regular)
Fast (Ultimate Ability)
Light Attack Damage 30
Heavy Attack Damage 60
Ultimate Ability Ultimate icon lucky Bunny Barrage
UA Description Lucky goes into his speed boost and tries to touch
an opposing player. If he does, he unleashes a hit
barrage and inflicts them with fear.
UA Duration Status icon lucky 5 Seconds (Minimum) 10 seconds (Maximum w/ Barrage)
UA Damage 8 (Per Hit) 96 (Total)


Image Name Rarity Appearance
Robo Lucky
Nightmare Soulshard Common Nightmare Mode Collection

Lucky retains the same look as in the original game in the Nightmare skin.

Bad Rabbit Lucky
Bad Rabbit Soulshard Common Lucky is depicted in a monochromatic color tone, akin to his rap song "Bad Rabbit." He is also shown in his Nightmare mode state.



As with Malak's other minions, Lucky is eternally loyal to him, taking great pride in his role of killing people. Since Malak is of higher authority, Lucky noticeably drops his arrogant behavior when talking to him.

Doug Houser[]

Thanks in part to his creation, Lucky views any visitors he finds as weak competition to kill for his amusement, Doug included. During gameplay, he relentlessly taunts and belittles Doug and uses anything at his disposal to help beat him at his own game. This continues even after he is incapacitated by Doug, ranting and swearing vengeance on the man for ruining his "lucky streak."

Elise Houser[]

When he first meets Elise, Lucky dances on top of the castle to taunt her before he attacks her, taking great joy in pursuing and finally grabbing her. When she uses a brick to break away from his grip, however, he has a minor breakdown over her escaping his grip, harassing her relentlessly and cursing at her when she tries to escape. He takes a while to stop and move on despite Elise being in the moat and likely dead already.

Penny the Chicken[]

As the leader of the Joy Joy Gang, Lucky considers Penny an underling at his disposal. He often employs her to help with tasks and gets mad if things slip out of her control. He's also aware of Penny's positive feelings towards mortals and himself. Despite this, he does not seem to mind this happening outside of being slightly annoyed at her behavior sometimes. He also trusts Penny enough to help coordinate her attacks with him.

Hangry the Pig[]

As with Penny, Lucky views Hangry as an underling to him, often using him as a right-hand man in more complex tasks such as carrying or cooking mortals. He's very aware of Hangry's behavior when it comes to food. While mostly supportive of this, he also gets annoyed whenever he acts out of line, whether during a serious moment or if something slips by him. Nonetheless, he still trusts Hangry enough to help in his endeavors and uses the walls he breaks down as shortcuts to finding victims.

Parallels and Symbolisms[]

Going by the theory suggesting that each nightmare portal is tied to one of Dante Alighieri's Nine Layers of Hell and the monsters inside them are manifestations of sin, the Joy Joy Gang animatronics may represent Gluttony. They embody those who are obsessed with seek out pleasure and happiness through various means, leading to their demise. Each of the animatronic members represent For instance, Hangry represents those who turned to the gluttony of food and possessions, Penny represent those who turned to vain love and attention-seeking (which is demonstrated by Penny's love towards her appearance, Lucky, and Doug himself), and Lucky is those who turn to adrenaline, competition, and insanity, but particularly, the intense desire of victory. Although gluttony is often associated with compulsively eating food (like Hangry), in The Divine Comedy, gluttony is also defined as overindulgence in any form of addiction or obsession. Unlike the previous monsters, the Joy Joy Gang doesn't possess a human soul and instead they are killing machines built for the purpose of violence and chaos, implying they are either a supernatural being or a creation of Malak.

Thematically, this could be why they were the ones to finally defeat Doug. His vain pursuit of happiness is what led to the deaths of his wife and daughter, which is why he’s attempting to bring them back. Overall, he was the most guilty of all three, far more than any of the previous ones. For example, Doug spent excessive time at work, prioritizing money. Instead of divorcing his wife like a normal person, he feared losing his money and thus remained married. He also engaged in infidelity, seeking shallow affection. Though it's a bit speculative, it's plausible that he considered a drastic action with his wife simply out of selfishness, justifying what would undoubtedly be considered murder. These were his personal demons - while other monsters had elements applied or associated with him and his actions, this gang was his direct opposition. They epitomize the mindset that led him to commit murder. Additionally, the Joy Joy Gang's aim to make Doug "one of the joyful" appears to symbolize Doug's previous belief that his wife and daughter were draining the joy from his life, fueling his resentment towards them.

Alternatively, it could also be possible that each member of the Joy Joy Gang represents a certain animal that humans kill en masse under different circumstances:

  • Penny: Both eggs and chicken (meat)
  • Hangry: Bacon, pork, ham, etc
  • Lucky: Rabbit meat and fur is used in clothing, and generally killed off as pests and/or an invasive species.

In a few iterations of the Bible, animals are said not to have souls in the way humans do. Animals are also creatures driven by their base desires, such as hunger, self-preservation, and sex. The Joy Joy Gang all take these most basic instinctive drives way up; Lucky is obsessed with himself and is described as being a very sexual being, Penny is obsessed with her physical appearance (which animals may sometimes focus on to find a proper mate, especially since Penny, as a bird, is literally always "preening" herself) and Hangry is obsessed with satisfying his constant hunger. The Joy Joy Gang represent the most basic of animalistic drives with none of the positive traits both animals and humans are capable of having.


  • Lucky the Rabbit is heavily inspired by many animatronic characters from Showbiz and Chuck E Cheese alongside the "subverted innocence" trope popular in works such as Abandoned by Disney, Don't Hug me I'm Scared, and Candle Cove. He may be also be inspired by T-800 from The Terminator franchise, the titular character of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Cuddles from Happy Tree Friends, Zipper T. Bunny from the Animal Crossing franchise (as Cuddles and Zipper are both yellow anthropomorphic rabbits similar to Lucky), and Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill 3 (being anthropomorphic rabbit mascots inside an abandoned theme park). Additionally, his personality is also very reminiscent of the characters portrayed by Jack Nicholson and Jim Carrey, such as The Joker from Batman (1989), Jack Torrance from Stephen King's The Shining, and Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask.
    • Coincidentally, Robbie was later added in Monsters & Mortals as a playable DLC monster.
    • His name may be a reference to Oswald's "The Lucky Rabbit" title, who is a cartoon character created in 1927 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks for Universal Pictures.
    • In addition, fans have mentioned Lucky has a resemblance to the character Spring Bonnie (From Five Nights at Freddy's) due to his purple bow-tie and yellow color. However, he was created before Five Nights at Freddy's 3 was released.
      • Additionally, his design looks similar to Glitchtrap, an enemy character from Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, with similarities to Spring Bonnie from the same series.
  • Lucky the Rabbit's last line, "Goodnight, sweet prince," after Malak orders the Joy Joy Gang to send Doug to the portal, is a reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • He is the only animatronic whose Nightmare mode appearance does not give him a mechanically damaged look.
  • He, along with Hangry and Penny, likely represents automatonophobia, the fear of humanoids and/or animatronics. The same goes for the Gold Watchers and Mannequins. He may also represent technophobia, the fear of technology, or leporiphobia, the fear of rabbits.
  • He is one of the only monsters with pupils in his soundtrack thumbnail and the main menu screen image, with Mama Bear being the second to have this feature. All other monsters currently in the game that appear in both the soundtrack thumbnail and the main menu screen image have empty, dark sockets or have their eyes obscured.
  • In the fourth Q&A, Vince mentions that Lucky will be the fastest animatronic in the Joy Joy Gang. However, in the eighth Q&A, he notes that he is not the quickest member at his standard running speed, meaning the original information was either outdated or applied to Lucky's speed boost.
    • Vince also confirmed that Lucky's speed boost would be RNG-based. However, one fan has debunked this in a video.
  • As shown in the Bad Rabbit song, Lucky's eyes are constantly trained on the player.
  • In the sixth Q&A, it was confirmed that most of Lucky's lines in the "Bad Rabbit" rap are heard in"Mascot Mayhem".
  • In the sixth Q&A, Vince confirmed that their Nightmare forms are animatronic, terminator-like forms of them.
  • In a tweet, Vince stated that the bow tie on Lucky is a variation of pink (magenta), despite many seeing it as purple.
  • Lucky is the first enemy so far to have his portal icon depict his Nightmare mode rather than his normal form.
    • The second, possibly, being the Reaper Nurses with their red color scheme.
  • Lucky the Rabbit is one of the only enemies to be able to turn into their Nightmare Mode before collecting all of the soul shards. This can be seen happening in Zone 3, though this is primarily because he was electrocuted by Doug Houser.
  • Lucky is confirmed to be Nikson's favorite Joy Joy Gang member.
  • In Thumbnail OST, Lucky's jaw clips through his bow tie.
  • According to Vince in the fifteenth Q&A, the Joy Joy Gang will return in Chapter 5.
  • Lucky is one of the few enemies whose Nightmare Mode is artificially caused by being electrocuted by Doug. The others are Hangry the Pig, Penny the Chicken, and some of the Trigger Teddies.
    • Along with Hangry and Penny, Lucky is one of the few enemies whose Nightmare Mode doesn't involve a color change.
  • The Joy Joy Gang are the fifth enemies that can be killed by Doug, with the others being the Clown Gremlins, the Goliath Clowns, the Reaper Nurses and the Trigger Teddies.
  • If one looks closely at his character select animation in Monsters & Mortals, Lucky appears to be scratching himself like a real animal.
  • While speed boosting, his footsteps are completely silent.
  • Vince confirmed in the 26th Q&A that "Final Lucky" is one of the scariest characters in Chapter 5.
    • This confirms that Final Lucky will be an enemy in Chapter 5.


Lucky the Rabbit is voiced by Chris Jai Alex.



Dark Deception[]

Super Dark Deception[]

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