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Developed by Glowstick Entertainment, Dark Deception is a story-driven first-person horror maze game. There's nowhere to hide and nowhere to catch your breath. Run or die - it's your choice. Trapped in a realm of nightmarish mazes with a mysterious woman, your only hope of survival is to find a way to escape the darkness.

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Dark Deception Devlog 6 Circus Mayhem

Dark Deception Devlog 6 Circus Mayhem


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The Nurse (Low Guality)

The Reaper Nurses are one of many enemies in Dark Deception. They will make their first appearance in Chapter 4 in the sixth level, along with Big Nurse.

The Reaper Nurses appear as slim female humanoids with light skin, dressed in 20th-century nurse clothing. Their faces are visibly obscured by what appears to be a white paper bag with a medical symbol marked on the front. Unlike the Big Nurses, however, the Reaper Nurses wear red combs across the top of their bags. Their clothing comprises of a red and white dress with red buttons on the shirt and the skirt, white leggings on their legs, and the same black first-aid signs on the shoulders, and belt. They wear red gloves, and red roller skates resembling heels. Most likely, all Reaper Nurses will be seen wielding a large syringe.

The Reaper Nurses, based on their voice reveal, demonstrate a friendly and seductive personality, greeting the player as a new patient. The Reaper Nurses have a sadistic side however, saying they get carried away sometimes in performing their duties, and that the player would unfortunately not have a quick and painless death.

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