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Developed by Glowstick Entertainment, Dark Deception is a story-driven first-person horror maze game. There's nowhere to hide and nowhere to catch your breath. Run or die - it's your choice. Trapped in a realm of nightmarish mazes with a mysterious woman, your only hope of survival is to find a way to escape the darkness.

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Monster Item Box.png

Portal Boxes are objects that appear in Monsters & Mortals. When obtained during a match, a randomly selected item will be provided to its user. These items can either be useful or harmful to the player or other players.

Portal boxes appear as large, glowing boxes that levitate above the ground. To mortals, Portal Boxes sport dark purple edges, smoother curves, and round red gems. To monsters, Portal Boxes are given a more sinister appearance, sporting jagged points on each corner, black edges, and red crystals. Each face of the cube is decorated with the outer ring of the nightmare portals, along with a large question mark in the center.

Read more about them here.

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